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If you drive a special-type vehicle that isn't a forklift on the road, you must have a W, T or R endorsement on your driver licence.

To do any combination of Wheels, Tracks or Rollers endorsement course together will take approximately five (5) hours (1/2 Day).

Courses are held on our site in Cambridge, Waikato.

This course includes theory and practical components and includes:

  • W endorsement - vehicles that run on wheels that aren’t forklifts, passenger vehicles, tractors, fire engines, trade vehicles or vehicle recovery service vehicles
  • R endorsement - vehicles that run on rollers.
  • T endorsement  - vehicles that run on self-laying tracks.

The size weight and speed of the vehicle will be relevant to the class of licence you hold. There is a table of the limits on this NZTA WTR endorsement fact sheet.
To find out more - some useful information is available on the NZTA website.

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Next Available Course : Saturday July 06th 2024. 8.30am in Cambridge. Email admin@ctlnz.co.nz for more information.

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